About the artist...

Alexandr Kosulin was already in his childhood fascinated by doing drawings and paintings. Moreover, he was also very early interested in the pictures of famous artists and joined drawing courses additional to the conventional education in school. At the age of 17 his parents sent him to a private teacher who travelled with the young artist to the boarder of Europe, to Jekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains. There he found his motives mainly in the Russian landscape. After these intensive lectures he had to join the soviet army for two years, which had been a hard time for him. Subsequently to the army he went to the academy of arts in Kiew, where he studied restoration and painting. When he finished his studies, in the early 90ies, the soviet regime was broken and new structures in the country were missing. Alexandr Kosulin took the chance and immigrated to Austria.

During the study of restoration he got a specific education and achieved an improvement of his talent for the details in painting. For restoring antique artworks detailed knowledge about old and new techniques and about various kinds of colours are an essential prerequisite, and even more necessary than for painting pictures in the own style. For this approach Alexandr Kosulin learned a lot from the paintings of old masters from the renaissance including Rembrandt, Vermeer, El Greco and Velasquez. During his education he additionally developed a special relation to the painting of icons, which is domiciled in Russia and in the Ukraine since the 11th century. Nowadays a number of old icons represent immense treasures for these countries. After the immigration to Austria the artist had the possibility to see the work of Austrian artists from the turn of the century like from Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, which also left important impressions to him. From all these various styles he studied, he finally developed his own style of painting. This contains realistic motives as well as abstract works. However, in his picture gallery various kinds of motives can be viewed, but in all paintings one can find small details precisely worked out. This awakes the feeling for the viewer to be kind of pleased by watching the picture. Alexandr Kosulin lives with his wife and his son in the third district of Vienna, where he is working on the restoration of old artworks and producing his own paintings. Recently, 2008 he also illustrated his first children´s book.

2009 he moved with his family to Hamburg (Germany) where he lived and worked until 2013.
Currently the artist lives in Vienna again.

Works of art